Who are we?

Sven Freiberg, Founder

Established in early 2019, biq sets out to serve its client with research and innovative solutions in the vast field of real-time rendering systems with a strong focus on Unreal Engine. Sven has a strong background in software architecture and development and gained extensive experience in XR (Extended Reality), Engine Development and 3rd party API/library integration, working for Clients like Daymler, Accenture or BMW. He loves tinkering with new technology and is keen on retaining a sense of wonder and curiousity.

Expert network

Way before biq has been established, we fostered a vibrant network of partners and clients all around the globe and regularily facility knowledge transfer and help with recruiting and co-development arragements. We have strong ties to Germany, Estonia, the US, Canada and the Republic of Georgia and help organize community groups and events like the Hamburg Unreal Enginee Meetup or Tbilisi Unreal Engine Meetup.


Co-Development & Outsourcing


Business Development & Recruiting

With a special focus on custom plugin development and integration of 3rd party software into Unreal Engine, we love to support your project with skill, experience and a lot of enthusiasm. This might also include backend systems working in the background of real-time applications or create WebGL/WebXR based frontends.

You're not quite sure if a ceratin task or approach would work for you? We would be glad to discuss technical options and build a prototype for you to evalute your requirements. We are also happy to collaborate on creativly challenging applications, like procedural music generation via motion capture or emotion measuring via GSR (Galvanic skin response).

We would be glad to leverage our network to find suitable partners or resources for your project. This can range from a simple introduction, joint ventures or recruiting arrangements. We're here for you.

Let's stay in touch.